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our cannabis hemp confections give you an opportunity to experience your life in a new light. allowing you to take in all your daily experiences and special moments with more relaxed awareness, enthusiasm and ease.



our organic herbal olive oil hemp tinctures are meant to enhance the areas you need most.  offering organic herbal blends infused along with pure hemp extract as an easy way to enjoy the benefits of these plants working together throughout your day in a specific way. 



our cannabis hemp topicals are meant to be applied on the outside of our skin, to treat specific and concentrated, troubled areas of the physical body. whether you’re dealing with aches & pains or dry skin & irritations, our all vegan, all organic, cbd topicals may be the natural healing solution you’ve been looking for.

organic | fair-trade | vegan


utilizing organic broad spectrum cannabis hemp as well as organic and fair-trade ingredients, we specialize in handmade, high quality hemp confections, tinctures and topicals. our mission is to provide you an experience that enhances your daily life with the benefits of cannabis, by creating sustainable and hand crafted ways of consumption.


cannabis creations


offering a variety of handmade cannabis hemp confections, tinctures & topicals crafted to suit your lifestyle. always made in small batches using the highest quality of ingredients while offering the ease of simple and proper consuming.  shipped directly to you.

free shipping on all tincture & topical orders, as well as $100+ orders that contain confections.

healthy oils

using unrefined, organic and fair-trade virgin coconut oil and cooc certified organic california grown extra virgin olive oil, we are able to create the highest quality cannabis oil, while providing some of the world's most nutritious super foods.




we use fair trade and organic 66% dark chocolate made in california. full of antioxidants and minerals, this chocolate has so much to offer with its wonderful rich flavor, and beautiful balance of bitter and sweet.




our organic oregon grown broad spectrum cannabis hemp contains 0% thc while containing a wide spectrum of non-psychoactive cannabinoids, allowing it to be consumed with no psychoactive effect, throughout your day.




fair trade

fair trade



broad spectrum