cannabis hemp confections

give you an opportunity to experience your daily life in a new light. these edibles are well suited for day to day tasks to keep you active and energized while bringing in those feelings of well-being and ease. simple, portable, and delicious, conveniently allowing you to take in all your daily experiences with more relaxed awareness and ease.

*organic | °fair trade | ^usa/canada

chocolate tart

rolled oats, almond butter, and maple syrup are bound together with coconut oil to make a savory sweet crust. each mini cup is filled with a high quality 66% dark chocolate and cocoa powder with more coconut oil to give it a creamy texture in every bitter sweet bite. each tart is beautifully finished with the vibrant, pink hues of delicious dried raspberries.
Chocolate Tart CBD Confections
hemp extract 10 mg/serving
dark chocolate*° | oats*^ | almond butter*^ | raspberries*^ | cannabis hemp*^

coffee crunch

with a dark chocolate ganache like center, inside each of these beauties contain organic, fair trade coffee and chocolate, creamy, organic coconut milk, and to give it that nice textured crunch, we’ve added our organic, fair trade, cacao nibs.
coffee crunch 4 piece cbd confection without packaging
hemp extract 10 mg/serving
main ingredients dark chocolate*° | coffee*° | cacao nibs*° | cannabis hemp*^

granola bars

rolled oats, raisins, and pumpkin seeds come together with peanut butter and then dipped in high quality 66% dark chocolate.
Granola Bar 10 mg CBD
hemp extract 10 mg/serving
main ingredients oats*^ | raisins*^ | dark chocolate*° | peanut butter*^ | pumpkins seeds*^ | cannabis hemp*^

mint patty

a new healthier take on a mint patty, with bright, light peppermint hints mixed into hearty flax and coconut center, coated in a hard shell of 66% dark chocolate, and finished with sprinkles of shredded coconut.
hemp extract 10 mg/serving
main ingredients dark chocolate*°, | peppermint* | cashew butter*^ | coconut*° | cannabis hemp*^

peanut butter cups

a smooth layer of peanut butter is surrounded by high quality 66% dark chocolate. the classic any time treat recreated for adults.
hemp extract 10 mg/serving
dark chocolate*° |
peanut butter*^ |
cannabis hemp*^

strawberry bon bon

creamy 66% dark chocolate infused with dried strawberries coated in a shell of dark chocolate.  finished with a touch more strawberries.
hemp extract 10 mg/serving
main ingredients dark chocolate*° | dried strawberries*^ | cannabis hemp*^


a sun-dried medjool date, pecan, walnut, chocolate filling dipped in high quality 66% dark chocolate. each truffle is finished with fair trade cacao nibs.
hemp extract 10 mg/serving
main ingredients dark chocolate*° | pecans*^ | walnuts*^ | medjool dates*^ | cocao nibs*° | himalayan salt | cannabis hemp*^


a high quality 66% dark chocolate enrobes raw pecans and a vegan caramel, finished with a little maldon salt to compliment and bring in all the rich flavors.
hemp extract 10 mg/serving
main ingredients dark chocolate*° | pecans*^ | medjool dates*^ | maldon salt | cannabis hemp*^

high dose hemp confections are for experienced users only. they are high dose confections that should be taken carefully and in the right environment. best for those who use cannabis for medical purposes or those that want a much heavier, deeper and longer experience than our standard confections. also made for those who have a higher tolerance and prefer to consume less calories in order to achieve their desired level of effects.

goji bites

a natural vegan take on an adult starburst. packed with 20mg of hemp in each bite, delight yourself with sweet fruity notes of gojis and strawberries. cacao nibs offer that crunchy textured center while the walnuts and almonds make it our healthiest option yet to consume your hemp.
hemp extract 40 mg/serving
main ingredients gojis*° | walnuts*^ | dates*^ | dried strawberries*^ | almonds*^ | cannabis hemp*^

chocolate fudge

high quality 66% dark chocolate blended with chopped dried raspberries and then coated in dark chocolate, creating a rich amount of flavor and potency in a small package.
hemp extract 40 mg/serving
main ingredients dark chocolate*° | dried raspberries*^ | cannabis hemp*^

our collection boxes are crafted for a full day experience, each box provides you an easy way to enjoy a variety of our confections in one box. wonderful to also share with friends so everyone can enjoy a treat and a flavor of their choice or a simple way to bring variety in your cannabis consumption.

classic collection

1 each of
peanut butter cup | chocolate tart
turtle | truffle
hemp extract 10 mg/serving
main ingredients please see above for ingredients of each

the 12 piece collection

1 each of
every flavor we offer
twelve piece collection cbd edibles without box
hemp extract 10 mg/serving x 10
40 mg/serving x 2
main ingredients please see above for ingredients of each

chocolate also contains compounds that interact with the endocannabinoid system, similarly to hemp cannabinoids. both cocoa compounds and cbd interact with an enzyme known as faah, which is responsible for the breakdown of anandamide in our bodies. by blocking this enzyme, we are allowing the the amount of naturally produced anandamide in the body to increase and stay around longer, assisting in balancing our system to produce its therapeutic effects.

how to enjoy our hemp confections

our motto is eat 1 wait 2

1 piece is 1 serving
enjoy 1 serving, wait up to 2 hours for effects
repeat, if desired

for non-experienced consumers

wait a full 2 hours before ingesting additional servings

for best shape and consistency

keep in a cool, dry, dark place, ideally room temperature should be 60-70 degrees fahrenheit, and below 55% humidity. you do have the option to also refrigerate baceae edibles but it may change appearance of the chocolates.

about our ingredients

food first

baceae offers consumers with what we call "food first cannabis confections". we believe our confections should not be intimidating, should have easy dosing and are created to allow the flavors to be enjoyed first and then the effects.

organic & fair trade

we believe all food, edibles included, should be made with organic ingredients that are grown ethically. we ensure our sourced ingredients are certified organic and are products of the united states, canada and if grown elsewhere, fair-trade certified.


all of our products contain no animal products or by-products. our chocolate contains no dairy, but in full disclosure, is processed on the same equipment as milk chocolate.