product care guide

thank you so much for considering us for your cannabis hemp needs! we are so excited and appreciative for the opportunity to provide our handmade organic, vegan and fair trade hemp products.  with our products does come a little care to ensure you receive the full experience that we intend.


below are a couple reminders and tips on how to best care for your baceae product

1. as soon you open this shipping package, store confections in a cool, dry, and dark place right away. ideally below 70 degrees farenheit with very little to no humidity.

if necessary, you can store chocolate products in the fridge


2. kindly note the distinction of our best by dates on confection products. best by dates that have lapsed, does not mean the product has expired, rather, may still be safely consumed.


best by dates are simply intended for the “most enjoyable” experience internally established by the baceae team.

all of the confections are made fresh to your order, we do not carry any stock of confections to ensure they are the freshest possible. the date you see on the package is a best by date and not an expiration date. this is our recommended consumption date for the optimal flavor and consistency of the confections. but this is by no means an expiration date, as the confections are perfectly safe to eat past the best by date.

the best by date is always 90 days from the date we package your order. we have found this to be the best amount of time to ensure the confections are still at their optimal flavor and consistency by the date, for a few reasons:


  • we do not use any preservatives and only natural organic ingredients in the confections.


  • we include other ingredients besides chocolate, which is actually where the best by date comes into play, because it is these ingredients that affect the flavor and consistency more often, including the chocolate itself after a certain amount of time. particularly nuts, which have fat that may combine into the chocolate and can make the chocolate bloom. the chocolate bloom doesnt effect the safety or even the flavor of the chocolate but it may affect it aesthetically.


  • we unfortunately cant gurantee how the confections are being held and taken care of. we do provide a care guide in the shipping packages, but our consumers choose to take care of the confections as they see fit with many different storage environments and oftentimes the care affects the longevity of the confections. we have found that 90 days is still within an optimal amount of time, even if the storage of the confections has not been done to our suggestions and covers the wide variety of storage environments the confections tend to go through.


  • the industry standard for handmade, premium confections (with ingredients beyond chocolate) have a best by date of 3-4 weeks. we realize this is not feasible for some people and after doing our own testing over the years found our confections stay within the flavor and consistency we want the consumer to receive, within that 90 day period.

3. if for any reason, topicals are subject to very high heat, melting may occur. place topicals in a freezer to reset for 30 minutes. after, store out of direct sunlight


4. tinctures should not be placed in a fridge, just make sure to store in a dark place out of direct sunlight.

what is chocolate bloom?


even if you haven't heard the term, it's likely that you've encountered this at some point in your life as a chocolate lover.  chocolate bloom is a white coating that can sometimes be found on chocolate. there are two different types of chocolate blooming— fat bloom or sugar bloom.

fat chocolate bloom

fat chocolate bloom comes from chocolate being exposed to high temperatures, melting and re-hardening. this process is essentially the cocoa butter separating from the rest of the ingredients, which creates the telltale white coating of fat chocolate bloom.

photo showing fat chocolate bloom, which can happen to chocolate when it melts and re-hardens

sugar chocolate bloom

the other type of bloom is sugar chocolate bloom. sugar chocolate bloom occurs when the chocolate is exposed to a moist or humid environment. the humidity causes the sugar inside of the chocolate to crystalize which causes the white coating over the surface of the chocolate.

photo of chocolate that has sugar chocolate bloom, which is when chocolate crystalizes due to heat or humidity

properly storing your product will ensure the highest quality experience. if you have any questions or concerns, please email us directly at contact@baceae.com

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