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a natural vegan take on an adult starburst. packed with 30mg of broad spectrum cbd in each bite, delight yourself with sweet fruity notes of gojis and strawberries. cacao nibs offer that crunchy textured center while the walnuts and almonds make it our healthiest option yet to consume your cbd!


30 mg broad spectrum cbd/piece


x2 for 60 mg broad spectrum cbd/package or

x8 for 240 mg broad spectrum cbd/box

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almond butter*^, brown rice syrup*^, cacao nibs*°, cannabis hemp broad spectrum cbd*^, cinnamon*°, coconut oil*°, dried goji berries*, dried strawberries*^, medjool dates*^, rolled oats*^, vanilla extract*, walnuts*^


*organic | °fair trade | ^usa/canada


contains nuts, naturally gluten-free, soy-free, vegan

11 reviews for goji bites confection

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  1. Ruth B. (verified owner)

    They’re small but really tasty. They feel healthy and go down easy

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  2. Charlotte H. (verified owner)

    Tiny, but fabulous!

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  3. Charlotte Hitchcock (verified owner)

    The goji bites are delicious, but they sick together when stacked on each other and shipped. If not cost prohibitive, it would be great if a thin slip of wax or parchment paper was placed in between.

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  4. Ruth B. (verified owner)

    Delicious and not too sweet

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  5. Charlotte H. (verified owner)

    My blissful enjoyment of goji bites was further enhanced by Baceae when they acted on my suggestion to separate the two goji bites per packet with a paper lining so they do not stick together. The eating experience is now maximized to the fullest.

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  6. Charlotte H. (verified owner)

    My favorites! New packaging is fabulous for shipping and storage.

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  7. Charlotte H. (verified owner)

    Thank you Baceae Team for ensuring that every purchase of my goji bites is delivered with care!

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  8. Alison (verified owner)

    Yum! Thank you for these less chocolate-y version of your delicious confections

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  9. Alison (verified owner)

    Perfectly sized with a bright flavor. Another winner!

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  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

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  11. Charlotte H. (verified owner)

    Always a wonderful treat prepared with loving hands.

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