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traditionally, the keepers of herbal knowledge have always been women, so it’s natural to think women have been taking herbs to relieve menstrual disorders since the humans first nibbled on leaves. menstruation discomfort can surface in a number of ways and can include a cluster of about 150 symptoms. the variety of herbs in moon cycle help to alleviate and regulate the most common of those symptoms, including fluid retention and bloating, repressing painful menstrual cramps, dilating blood vessels to relax muscles and the all important balancing of mood.



offering it in 4 different potencies of broad spectrum hemp extract with 30 servings per bottle:


10 mg hemp extract/serving
300 mg hemp extract/bottle
20 mg hemp extract/serving
600 mg hemp extract/bottle
40 mg hemp extract/serving
1200 mg hemp extract/bottle
80 mg hemp extract/serving
2400 mg hemp extract/bottle

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black cohosh root*^, broad spectrum cannabis hemp*^, chamomile flower*, chaste tree berries*, cramp bark*, dandelion leaf*, dandelion root*, dong quai root*, ginger root*, ginkgo biloba leaf*, olive oil*^, raspberry leaf*, st. john's wort*, valerian root*


*organic | °fair trade | ^usa/canada


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