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muscle rest contains herbs which reduce inflammation and ease pain. antispasmodic properties that relieve spasms, cramping and joint soreness as well as alleviate tension which tend to worsen when one is stressed or anxious. by relaxing stress and anxiety, our mind engage in fewer pain signals sent to it.


offering it in 4 different potencies:


10 mg hemp extract/serving
300 mg hemp extract/bottle
20 mg hemp extract/serving
600 mg hemp extract/bottle
40 mg hemp extract/serving
1200 mg hemp extract/bottle
80 mg hemp extract/serving
2400 mg hemp extract/bottle

30 servings per bottle


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cannabis hemp*^, black cohosh root*^, chamomile flower*, cramp bark*, ginger root*, kava kava root*, lavender flower*, olive oil*^, rosemary leaf*, st. john's wort*, turmeric*, valerian root*


*organic | ┬░fair trade | ^usa/canada

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